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Whether you have a business, a corporation or just own a lot of property and real estate, taxes can be "taxing." Yes, that is a play on words, but a truthful play on words. Keeping up with everything that is needed to ensure you are legal when it comes to paying or filing taxes can be stressful.

First, you have to have your documents organized; that means keeping track of your statements, receipts, copies of repairs, payroll and any other necessary documents. If you don't already have a fulltime bookkeeper, you may wish you did.

Along with recording all of the details of your income and expenses, unless you are a tax professional, you are going to need to study the tax laws if you expect to take advantage of any special tax credits that might apply to your situation or business.

Speaking of tax laws, they change minimally year by year, but in 2018, it may be a whole new ball game with the reformed tax system. What was learned before may need to be forgotten and replaced with a whole new set of rules and regulations. So when it comes to taking care of your tax needs, you have choices. Should you get an accountant, use a tax professional or study and become an expert in the new tax laws yourself?

Here's a new one. How about a law firm that includes tax experts and legal help all at the same time? Knowing the ins and outs of numbers and finances is the job of an accountant. Knowing the tax laws and where to put those numbers on a tax return is also job of a tax professional. But knowing all three is the job of our firm. We can advise you in tax and business laws, complete your income tax returns and represent you in tax issues. Take a look at our website for more information.

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