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January 2018 Archives

What happens when business partners harm each other?

Business partners, unfortunately, do not always know each other well before plunging into what sounds like a good partnership deal. But when the deal goes sour, someone often gets hurt, and it may be the business itself. So what happens if a business partner sabotages your business?

When to hire a tax attorney

It may not be April yet, but tax season is just around the corner. Many people try not to think about taxes until the last minute before the filing deadline, but this year is unique. Because of the nationwide tax code overhaul passed by the Trump administration, taxpayers have been thinking about their taxes earlier than ever.

Are you reporting your side job?

Side jobs are a part of life these days. Some people use them to explore their interests and passions, while others use them primarily for the social aspect. And some use them purely for financial reasons, either to help make ends meet or for extra spending money.

Income tax time can bring anxiety to business owners

It's getting close to that time again: tax time. This often brings anxiety to those who believe they are going to owe extensive tax amounts at the end of the year. It is also stressful for business owners or corporations that still owe tax deficits to the Internal Revenue Services (IRS) from a previous year, or are in fear of being audited.

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