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Tips for picking a guardian for your children

Anyone with a child needs to read and understand this post. Today, we will discuss what you need to think about when picking a guardian for your children. You might not think this is important because you are healthy, don't travel much and don't do anything risky. The fact of the matter is that this task should be at the top of your to-do list the minute you have your first child.

Do you have certain values by which you live? If so, you likely want those same values taught to your children even if you aren't the one doing the teaching. Leaving behind your children is never easy but you can ensure that they are brought up the way you would do it by choosing someone who shares the same values as you.

It's important to pick someone who will be around long enough to see your children reach adulthood. This means you should pick a guardian who is either the same age as you or younger. Don't choose your parents, grandparents or anyone else who is older. There's a big chance they could precede you in death.

This decision is one that should be made on your own if you are a single parent or with the other parent of your children and no one else. Don't let the opinions or wishes of those around you affect who you choose to be your children's guardian.

It's best to avoid choosing someone who has a criminal past or has abused drugs or alcohol in their lifetime. This person will likely not be approved by the court if an issue is raised after your death.

Picking the guardian for your children is never easy. You likely have quite a few friends, cousins and others in your life whom you trust. Just make sure that this is taken care of before it's too late.

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